interactive sound game (2015)

Follow your ears. A microphone transmits the sounds from a secret place on a certain radio-frequency and/or internet-stream. Equipped with a portable radio set or smartphone and headphones, the participants can track the sound source in the city and find the hidden microphone. Comparing the current acoustic surrounding with the sounds from the radio, the listeners gradually get closer to the microphone, until radio transmitter and radio receiver coincide. The assistance of whistling, clapping, etc. is expressly permitted!

Everyday movements through urban environments are mostly routine and functional - this search game offers a fundamentally different perception of urban space, though: In the acoustic difference between the current location and the transmitted place, a new perspective on the intermediate is being disclosed.

The sounds produced by the seeker himself near the microphone (i.e. clapping , shouting) provide information on their distance to the sound source. Participants are thus not passive listeners: As direct actors, they become performers within the urban sound environment. With every search result, a new radio play with musical qualities is being generated.

A project by Ludwig Berger and Alexander Pospischil

Put into practice at Summaery (Weimar), lab.30 Festival (Augsburg, together with Mara-Lea Hohn)
and Leipziger Hoerspielsommer 2015 (Leipzig)

Excerpts from the search:

Augsburg (Gasometer Oberhausen)

Augsburg (Hotel-Tower parking deck)

Weimar (near Theaterplatz)

Leipzig (Klingerweg, near Elster river next to a leisure ground)