interactive installation (2013)

"Ichi-Kousatsu," an interactive audiovisual installation, elicits a series of contrasting experiences such as haste and ease, action and contemplation, becoming and decay. The fact that these antipodes are interdependent and can be understood as multiple parts of one entity, underscores the meaning of the work’s title: "Ichi-Kousatsu“ can be interpreted as "One Observation“, "One Deliberation“, „One Meditation“.

A bare branch hangs in the middle of a room. It’s organic shape illuminated by the white light of a projector, the branch is situated centrally between the projector and a wall, on which the shadow of the branch is visible. The natural shadow of the dead branch expands with the addition of several smaller bloomy twigs.

The calm ensemble is supported acoustically by four loudspeakers: A deep atmospheric noise and an inconspicuous bright tone enrich the space, while the projected twigs wave gently back and forth.

The introduction of a body into the installation not only results in an additional shadow on the wall, it also disrupts the deliberate metamorphosis that characterizes the work when observed from a distance. In that moment, the twigs bend, fan out, and fade away entirely. In the wake of their disappearance, a constellation of black dots —reminiscent of a swarm of tiny insects— arises.

These jittery particles follow and react to the movements of the visitor’s shadow and are accompanied by a rolling, whirring sound. The initial, calm image of the tangled branch-structure is now displaced by the interaction between the visitor and the swarm. The swarm calms down as soon as the person in the projection zone pauses or exits the installation. After a short moment of near silence, the particles are again set into motion, this time approaching the shadow of a quiescent object (such as a motionless person inside the projection-field or the branch itself) wherein they finally disappear. At that moment and shortly thereafter, fine little twigs begin to sprout again, this time from the visitor’s shadow. Set to a crackling sound, the branches regenerate until finally, they are in full bloom, after which point the cycle repeats itself.

Branch, Computer, Projector, Camera, Soundsystem
Programming Tools: Processing, Supercollider
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Mentoring: Prof. Robin Minard and Prof. Nathalie Singer